4 Home Maintenance Tips For Winter

Winter bring in more than cold and lovely sights. It also brings in potential damage to your home if you aren’t careful. So it’s in your home’s best interest to be well in the know of what you can do to protect your home even in the dead of winter.

Shovel snow away from your home’s foundation

One of the things any homeowner can do to avoid foundation deterioration (which can grow into expensive repairs) is to stop water from pooling around the base of your home. The good thing is that you don’t have to make sure that every part of your home is snow-free. You just need to be fully aware which areas are more prone to water damage and should be treated with more attention than others.

It’s fairly easy to keep snow away from your foundation. All it requires is a shovel and some elbow grease. The best time to start shoveling is around 20 minutes to around 3 hours after each snowfall. This will help give snow enough time to fall and form around your home. It should also give you a better idea which areas of your foundation are going to touched by snow and where the snow tends to build up.

Take snow and ice off external vents

Vents are used to allow the escape of gas or air. In the case of HVAC systems, they’re used to bring in much needed cold or heat. When these vents get covered by snow or ice, it can place undue pressure upon your heating and cooling system. It can also end up damaging your roof or walls. Unnecessary pressure on your heating and cooling systems can end up with a build-up of moisture which can lead to the development of mold or mildew. This is particularly troubling if you have people in your family who are sensitive to mold.

You can use a shovel or a brush to remove any accumulated snow and to whittle away any ice that’s starting to form. Depending on how large or hard the blockage is, the procedure may last from anywhere between 30 minutes or several hours.

Keep an eye on trees upon your property

When snow falls, it can gather upon tree limbs which can make them quite hefty and more prone to breaking. This can be quite damaging to a home–imagine a heavy wooden limb bearing down upon your roof. It’s relatively easy to deal with branches that are still gathering snow. You can make use of a broom or anything long to brush off the snow from branches after each snowfall. This helps alleviate the weight from branches and can potentially spare your home from disaster.

Be aware of where you’re standing when you’re brushing off the snow. The last thing you’d want is that landing on your head since you don’t exactly know what’s in that snow.

Replace your furnace filters

Air filters are there to collect dust and to stop foreign material, like allergens, from slipping into your home. When you see that your furnace filters are really dirty, it’s time for a change. Not only will it help keep your furnace functioning properly, it will also ensure that your home’s air will be kept clear of any contaminants.

Double check if your furnace has a disposable filter or one that can be cleaned with some soap and water.