Caring For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can a much needed rustic touch to any home. They’re aesthetically pleasing and depending on the type of wood you choose, can be quite cost effective as well. Regardless of the type of wood you choose, taking proper care of it is essential if you want them to last.

Today, we discuss the different ways to care for your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are relatively easy to care for. The key is consistency. Having a steady routine wherein you clean your floors is crucial in its maintenance and care.

Tool: Microfiber mop or cloth

Using microfiber mops or cloths to trap dirt and other materials that can dirty or tarnish your hardwood floors is a good way to keeping it safe. Since microfiber makes use of static electricity, it is a pretty efficient way to trap foreign particles away from your investment. It’s even touted as being more effective than using a broom since certain bristles can end up damaging the floor’s surface.

Tips on using microfiber mops or cloth: Try keeping the pad or the cloth squarely on the surface you’re cleaning as much as possible. When you lift the cloth from the surface, the things you’re cleaning may not get as securely trapped on the cloth as it should be. It’s best to run your microfiber mop at least once every two days. Regular dusting or wiping is one of the best defenses your floors have against dirt accumulation.

Tool: Vacuum (soft-bristled attachment)

A good way to follow up on keeping your hardwood floors clean is a weekly routine of vacuuming. Before you start vacuuming, make use of your microfiber mop or cloth to wipe the area of any excessive dirt or material. If there’s excess debris on the floor, once you start to vacuum, the suction and the sudden movement of the debris may end up scratching your floor’s surface.

Tips: Be mindful of your vacuum. As much as possible, avoid dragging your vacuum unit across the floor as it may scratch the surface of your flooring.

Tool: Hardwood Cleaner

Combining the use of your microfiber mop or cloth along with a hardwood floor cleaner is something your flooring will thank you for. This is ideally done at least once a month. Instead of making use of water to dampen your mop, use the cleaner instead to lightly mist the cloth or mop. Never fully soak it.

Tips: Read the label of your cleaner thoroughly. If your flooring has a protective sealant, check the compatibility of your sealant and the solution. It is best to avoid using a wet mop or a steam mop on a hardwood floor as it may end up dulling the finish or sealant and can damage the floor.

Tool: Floor Polish or Wax

If you’re smart, you’d have your hardwood floor with a polyurethane surface finish. Sealants such as these protect the wood underneath and provides a glossy shine that adds to the aesthetic of a home. Normal passage of time and the use of the floor will eventually wear off this finish and can leave visible scratches on the surface of your flooring. Making use of a polish or a wax periodically can refresh your flooring’s appearance. It helps to restore the shine and even places in a new layer of protection for your floor.

Tips for using wax or polish: Avoid using wax on a floor with a urethane finish. Always consult the label of the product you’re using to maximize the effect and benefits of the solution.